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A piece of history

Get to know the Hirsch! Our hotel is full of history which you can learn more about here. We are happy to share some of the most significant dates with you.

It is the year


The first records of Hotel zum Hirschen date back to the year 1526. At that time, an extensive courtyard was registered in the land registry. Until today, the Hirschen has passed through the hands of over 30 generations.

↪ Extract of the land registry
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↪ Picture from the archive of the Salzburg Museum



Around 1700, the name “Hirschenwirt” first appears. At that time, the now well-known 5-star hotel “Goldener Hirsch” was operated by an innkeeper who owned his estate on the grounds of the Hirschen, called the Hirschenwirtshof. Since his daughter inherited everything, our green Hirsch and the Golden Hirsch had the same owner for a few years.



The year 1830 was eventful: the estate came into the possession of the current owner’s family, and hotel rooms were rented out for the first time. Even Constanze, Mozart’s widow, stayed at the Hirschen at that time – but she did not settle her bills, which is why she is listed in the land registry with debts.

Flyer hirschen anfang 1900
↪ A flyer of Hotel zum Hirschen
Foto hirschen wiederaufbau 1949
↪ Reconstruction of the hotel a bomb impact



During World War II, a bomb falls on the old house. With the help of the Marshall Plan, grandfather Peppi Wallmann rebuilds the Hirschen and even expands it with some additional rooms.

Hirschen kueche 1965
↪ The kitchen of the Hirschen in 1969
Branding 1950er edited
↪ Flyer from the 1950s
Zum hirschen postkarte
↪ Post card of the Hirschen



In the 1980s, a generational change takes place, and Franz Wallmann takes over the inn and the hotel along with his wife Russella. The native Englishwoman arrived at Hotel zum Hirschen as a tour guide with a group. As fate would have it, she stayed and never returned to England. Together, they turn Hirschen into a Salzburg institution, known for the legendary Hirschen sauna and the famous and infamous jazz evenings.



In 2020, the hotel was handed over to daughter Katharina and her husband Nikolaus. Having spent the last 10 years abroad in the UK and Berlin, Katharina brings many creative ideas for the redevelopment of the hotel. Together, they are making the Hirschen a special place.

With an international team, Hotel zum Hirschen – like ‘the old Hirschen’ – is intended to endure for centuries, enriching Elisabeth-Vorstadt in terms of quality and aesthetics, and becoming a part of Salzburg’s history.

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↪ Katharina & Nikolaus